Camps where english is spoken

Perheaps you would like to come in France and speak your own langage.

Or perheaps you would like to send your chilfdren in Christian camps in France where english is spoken, and where they could here about the Bible and the Good New.

Some camps are as this.

Click here to find organised camps where english is spoken.


French christian  centers managed by natives missionaries

Following centers are partially managed by natives missionaries


Spring Harvest Holidays Leisure Park - West - VendeeSpring Harvest Holidays Leisure Park - West - Vendee   Camp des Cimes

Champfleuri center (Alps - 38)




 chenes de mamre btiment


95 ecouen-parole-de-vie-pdv




22 maison blanche dortoirs dinan 2010



How tu use the web site for all centers ?

Our dear Christ sisters and brothers who do'nt speak French,

Even if the website is not translated today, we hope that you still can use it as is.

A lot of used terms are very similar from French to English.